Sick Minds

I got an email from a friend telling me that blueiceenvy posted my pic on her blog. Upon reading her post ,it was not only my pic but other bloggers or people she knows. She thinks that her post was very amusing and that readers would love it. But she didn’t knew that she made a big mistake! Respect people’s privacy for God’s sake…if you can post everything on your blog about yourself and your experiences with sex and other sick issues,not all people accept their pics to be posted just to add another dull post to your sick blog!!

At least you should have taken permission to post my pic! But it seems that ethics is lost in your world. I’ll pray that GOD can cure your mind, body and soul coz you are really SICK and BIG TIME!

And regarding the category….it’s not you to judge one’s sexual orientation..and since you’re homosexual this doesn’t mean that everyone is like you! You are fucking sick!

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