How far can you go??

Every year starts with a new set target to achieve which is normally higher than the previous ones. This year has been a hectic year for all of us since CBK has implemented new regulations that restricts the lending policies in all banks, hence targets might not be achieved and we as relationship officers are to be blamed! Why employees always have to take the biggest share?? If it’s CBK decision to reduce the I/I ratio to 40% and 40 times salary maximum a customer can get as a loan (we’re talking about Kuwaitis here) why should I be blamed? Knowing that targets were reduced by far compared to 2007 but it’s still high !

Every single day I write down a plan how to target customers, performing calling programs, going visits with colleagues to major companies…other than customer service at the branch itself! It’s a hectic job and actually kissing asses to get numbers! But thanks GOD I have my contacts that really help me a lot. Sometimes I don’t even come home, I work for 14 hours straight just to make sure that we’ll achieve our targets every quarter and incentives will be distributed.  I really don’t know how long I can survive doing the same thing, everyday passes and I see myself constant! I’ve known all the tactics in work…what more can I learn?? Where will I reach?? Knowing that I’m getting yearly promotions which boosts my morals at the end of the day, but work is boring and there’s no escape at the time being!

So for those who nag about their work you better try banking! And you’ll see the difference!


Comments on: "How far can you go??" (3)

  1. Hahahaha, I totally agree with your last comment, it’s a crazy world we get insulted to achieve a target that is even available anymore. And lots of customers you could’ve given loans to now are ineligible because their installments now are at 50% to reschedule on 40% you would not have enough money to cover the outstanding loans they already have. Not to mention those idiots who go out and get from Non-financial companies some smaller consumer loans when they already have exceeded their 50%

  2. Purgatory said:

    Banks are the home of the Devil.

  3. Jacqui: thanks dear for the explanation…and yeah we are crazy at work..loool…:P


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