Thank You BITCH!

I just wanna thank the french whore BIE for removing her lastest post which she thought  was funny. I hope you learned a good lesson that respecting others is a must for people to respect you! May GOD cure your mind…:)


Comments on: "Thank You BITCH!" (8)

  1. what did i miss?

  2. Good at least she removed it.

  3. spikey: ooh u missed a lot of action..:P

    Jacqui: welcome to my new blog Juju…she’d better did that!

    eshda3wa: salfa 6aweelah…and exciting too..:P

  4. heeey tell us….I wanna know.. !!!!
    i stopped checkin her blog ages ago

  5. spikey: she had a post about analyzing characters according to their msn display pic…so she extracted many pics of some bloggers..dunno how and categorized them according to her sick thinking…for ex: i was in a pic displaying my shirt…and i was under category ” I’M GAY IN DENIAL” imagine that bitch!! so i had to reply to her as well as many bloggers did too…

  6. oh damn i missed that….so is there anyway i can read a deleted post? 😛
    ah man..dont bother yourself…some ppl think they can talk about ppl as they like…but they hate it when ppl talk about them..

  7. spikey: hey r u? walla i don’t care anymore ..i bashed her on my blog and she got her share!..:P

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