Cool Gift for DAD…

With Father’s Day coming up in June, anyone with a father who enjoys grilling might want to pick up one of these multi-tools from Grill Tek. From the looks of it, it is pretty much the Swiss Army knife of grilling. It has a couple useful items and that extra tool that you stare at endlessly wondering why on earth it is actually necessary. The Grilling Multi-Tool features six different tools to make grilling out just a bit easier.

It hangs around your neck on a lanyard or can hook to your belt loop and is attached to a retracting reel so there is no need to unhook it anytime you need to use it. It features an electronic cooking timer with an alarm as well as a digital clock. It also has a bottle opener, utility knife and an LED light for when it is starting to get dark and the food isn’t quite done yet. Once it is done it also has a built-in whistle so you can call everyone. Nothing works up the appetite like a piercing whistle to call you to the table. The multi-tool is being sold for $19.95and for once. You can find it at this link

Btw father’s day is June 15…:)


Comments on: "Cool Gift for DAD…" (3)

  1. what if my dad doesnt grill??

  2. and my birthday is june 17

  3. I got my husband a box of Godiva truffles and a balloon, supposedly picked by our 7 months old son, and an envelope with the money I assigned for his gift… no creativity what so ever I know
    Happy Birthday by the way…
    & yes this is my first visit to your blog.

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