Al Mayass Experience…

After a long day yesterday at the beach then Avenues to meet some friends, I ended up with my best friend in Al Mayass Restaurant in Shik resort. It was my first time going there. I’ve always heard about the place and how yummy it is…till last night I had to experience it. At first I didn’t like the interior it’s too gloomy but then you get used to it. The food…omg what can I say about the’s absolutely delicious. I tried some Armenian dishes which really tasted good…thks to my semi-armenian friend…:P The whole atmosphere was great especially the table next to us they were so funnyyyy that they didn’t have any subject to talk about other than fashion and food…some of the tidbits ” shefto collection DnG el yedeeda…qasdik Dolce and Gabbana..la2 i’m talking about DnG..looooooooooooool ” this shows how they’re into fashion a lot…:P Then they shifted to food so one of the girls sitting was asking the other girl facing her…Do you like caviar? no answer from her friend..then she says do u like salmon? turkey? and roast beef? ya3ni if ur talking about sea food what does turkey and roast beef got to do with it…I could have stayed longer just to lmao..all in all it was fun fun fun!..:)


Comments on: "Al Mayass Experience…" (6)

  1. I heard that it was good and it’s the new “it” place to go to!

  2. what cuisine was it? Armenian?

  3. P.S you need to take pictures boy!

  4. looks like some nice place….but i am not into sea food 😀

  5. babes akid its an armenian restaurant it should be gr8 and a place to go to 😛

  6. we call it my-ass and its craptastic

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