Soya Sauce…

Ex-Greens, Soya Sauce is a good dining place for those who like Chinese cuisine…I went there last week with some friends…aham w7ed kan PURG who I enjoy his company with Stallion too…it was a pleasant night. I was listening all the time to The Stallion experience in Lebanon since it was his first time there. He was so happy talking about how wonderful the place is…knowing that I’ve been more than a year convincing him. Glad he had fun. I ordered chicken with lemon sauce which was not bad. Well it’s a good place but not the best I still believe that no place is better than Peacock. Try it and give me your feedback…:)


Comments on: "Soya Sauce…" (3)

  1. I HATE HATE HATE Peacock! it’s overly priced and small portioned! and I am sure you had a blast ! LOL

  2. I’m not a fan of peacock I think its overrated.

  3. Purgatory said:

    Yeah aham thing my presence, and peacock is for idiots who spend more money for same food they can get somewhere else, you want to be an idiot? ;p

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