Lebanon tonight is witnessing a national wedding…a wedding we all have waited for years. I’m living my happiest moments tonight for the release of the Lebanese prisoners in Israel. The most controversial figure that I would never expect the Israeli’s to release is Samir Al Kuntar who was jailed since 1979…imagine 29 whole years prisoned by the enemies who destroyed our country since 1976!! Samir was finally released today with four other national warriors around 8pm. Celebrations are taking place now in all Lebanese regions and tomorrow is an official public holiday in the country. A big thank you goes to AlSheikh Hassan Nassrallah who promised to release him and he fulfilled his promise.

I’m traveling tomorrow morning to Lebanon just for the celebrations…Peace Everyone…:)


Comments on: "هنيئا للبنان بتحرير الأسرى" (1)

  1. I’ve been watching Al-Manar TV all day long and I just can’t describe how happy I am!
    Congraaaaaats o 3o2bal ba2y el-asra ya rab 🙂

    Allah ya7fi’6 Sayyid 7asan 🙂

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