Where was Maze?

I know I’ve been so lousy in posting…it’s my job taking all my time especially this part of the year where all are on vacation and it’s only me to finish all the work. It’s been like two weeks now that I’m working 13 to 16 hours straight shift..no home at all in the afternoons. This has really been on my nerves but I’m managing the work well. At last tomorrow my colleague will join me to lessen the burden on me…thanks GOD I have  good colleagues that love me…my best friend at work decided to come back from her yearly vacation knowing that she still has 10 days left to enjoy…but she felt that I have too much load on my head…this is what friends are for…I love her so much!! At last I can breathe and get back to normal track….this weekend was fun…I wish that we have every thursday off!! I tried some new restaurants that were worth it..first was Ayyami in Marina Mall which was very niceeeee…i enjoyed the variety of food they have from different countries…it was a goood experience and the Iranian ice cream ” Valoda” was yummmmmmmy! Tonight, I went to Nandos is Avenues,also it was my first time there…so I decided to start it with spice which I wished i didnt coz my plate wasss so spicy that I really needed a fire extinguisher at the end…:P That place reminded me of Cheesecake factory in the states where all their portions are big that you can’t even finish! I recommend you guys to dine at these two places….Peace everyone…tomorrow a new week and a new month…so have a nice August!


Comments on: "Where was Maze?" (5)

  1. if you can’t take spice, don’t get near it :p

  2. Welcome back 🙂 o bel 3afya eb Nandos 😛

  3. I should try these two places out need variety since my choices of food are limited now lol

  4. I love Ayyame!! The food and decor is brilliant 🙂

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