Miss U Guys!!

Hey…I know i’m not posting or even commenting on other blogs…it’s all because my parents are here and I’m very busy with them taking them around. There’s nothing much to see except malls..so we spend all our days eating and shopping lol. And to be honest it has become so boring that they wanna stay home and avoid all the crowd at the malls. I feel that am a bad guide..lol but there’s no where to go here expect malls!! What can I do??? Thanks they enjoyed Al Kout and Souq Al Mubarkiyah…still got two more weeks to take them around and I’ll get back my privacy..lol. Not to mention that I’m getting fat…I’ve gained more than 4 kgs this month which is irritating me…but I can’t resist Mom’s food ” PURG knows”…:P I should get back in shape..:P  And btw am also meeting many bloggers by chance in cafes…not so Chikapappi??…:P

Wish you all a nice weekend!


Comments on: "Miss U Guys!!" (1)

  1. Tarek Rejab Museum
    Rejab Museum of Islamic Calligraphy
    Sharq Fish Market / Heritage type stalls on Friday
    Sadu House
    Arab Fund Building
    The Old God Souk (near Mubarakiyya)
    The Camel Races (?) I have heard they are off 6th ring somewhere
    know anyone with a chalet?

    How wonderful for your parents to have a son who wants them around. Let your Mom cook for you – she loves it. Just spending time with you is all they want. 🙂

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