Am moving ….

This month was full of surprises for me on personal and work level. Personal level,am happy that my family is still here with me..and the most important part is that I have someone in my life now..someone I love so much…hope this relation will never end. Meanwhile,regarding work level, I’ve been shifted to Priority Banking Dept. where I’ll be responsible for a big portfolio of VIP Clients from A to Z. I know it’s a hectic job for me esp. dealing with such clients coz most of them complain a lot…But I accepted the challenge and will succeed in my new position. I don’t want to envy myself but within a period less than 3 years I’ve achieved a lot and learned a lot too. I’m finally out of Shuwaikh Area although I’m used to the branch and my colleagues. But moving to a new branch (Audeliya) will definately give me a boost to meet new clients,mingle with new staff..hopefully it will be to my benefit…At last am a manager !! Thanks GOD for everything and a BIG THANK YOU goes to my Manager who’s been supporting me for the past year and half….

Peace Everyone..lov u all


Comments on: "Am moving …." (6)

  1. I knew You took Madonna! I knew it!

    I will come and harres your employees as one of your VVIPP clients.

  2. Congrats dooode I’m proud of you! Hehehe I too was asked to join Private Banking but turned it down as it wasn’t anything extra, what I”m doing in branches is what I’ll do there. So no thank you sirree 😛

    But hurraaay for you being a manager now!

  3. Purg: loooool…miss u man

    vixenfatale: am waiting for you on the 26th

    Jacqui: thanks honey…i’ve been working on this for a month and i got it at last

  4. i hope to be always happy dear and wish ya all the best in ur life 🙂

  5. Aziz: thanks dear…wish you the same..:)

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