Lovely week!

I know it’s been a while I haven’t posted due to personal and work issues. I’ve been so busy lately decorating my home into something completely different…I’m happy to see how my cozy appartment has become. Meanwhile ,I’m also concentrating on my new job and doing my best to prove myself coz it’s a big challenge for me especially with the current circumstances.

I didn’t comment on what’s happening lately with my workplace because I’ve heard a lot of bullshit on all blogs and I don’t want to go into arguments. I know there’s a problem existing but everything will be fine. And for those who are mocking always on their blogs about what happened…I tell them that’s enough shit you’re talking..and this problem is affecting all other banks and hence the whole banking system here…So,just save your thoughts to yourself coz u never know when ur time will come…

Hope the weather stays lovely like this…take care everyone


Comments on: "Lovely week!" (2)

  1. Purgatory said:

    new home = dinner

  2. Good luck with everything I know it’s not a peachy time for you guys but you’ll survive it 🙂

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