I’m at my office now feeling so bored,drinking my nescafe and feeling cold…I wanna sleep..I wanna go out shopping…I wanna travel!! I just don’t know what to do…just mixed up feelings! My new job is good ,handling a new portfolio of VIP customers which am still being familiar with…

I was surfing the net for good travel deals on X-mas and New Years,still confused between the US or Europe,precisely London…any suggestions?? I still can’t understand why short trip flights are priced higher than the long ones…ex to New York it’s 263 KD whereas to London is 358!!!

Anyways…enjoy ur day my lovely readers! C ya!


Comments on: "Confused!!" (7)

  1. i have the same feelings , and about traveling i highly reccomend NY it’s my favorite 😀

  2. BA to London during last week of year is 253.

  3. NY 263 —-which airline is this?

  4. Amu: it’s KLM

  5. Travelling will make you feel better 🙂
    263 KD to NY is cheap!

  6. I get the same feeling after coming back from a vaction…i just wana go back.

  7. I know that feeling

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