Le Quatre ” Thumbs down”

Weekend was like any other one just trying some new places to dine at. I always wanted to try ” Le Quatre” since they opened and didn’t have the chance. So I decided to go with friends on Friday. At the first instance the place is catchy..nice decor and view. But when it comes to food…OMG is not good at all…they just don’t know what’s food about!! We ordered 2 sandwiches,1 salad and some drinks..the best was the pomegranate juice….My expectations were down and it’s really bad to know also that the owners are the same people who own Villa Fairouz and Mijana…wth!! How come you serve good food in these restaurants and you don’t in a newly opened one!! And to be more determined not to visit again was upon requesting the bill which was 26 KD!! I would have got a better service and amazing food at CnG instead!!

Anyways for those who wanna try it …please go and give me ur feedback!! Have a nice week everyone!

P.S : Going to Slider station last night was like visiting a religious place…OMG I can’t believe that I had to wait 45 mins to reserve a place and at last I couldn’t find one…So I cancelled my reservation. But it seems to be a good place to hangout!


Comments on: "Le Quatre ” Thumbs down”" (6)

  1. Slider Station : I do not know why all this clamor for a restaurant like this?
    All supermarkets selling burgers ! ;p

  2. I thought that place would be a cafe, then it turned to be a dining place, so did not eat, plus saw some odd looking penguin women going in, so we stayed away.

  3. ya its lousy and expensive…even their coffee is bad but i was told the Pizza is good, people go mainly for the Sheeusha

  4. I have noticed since you got prompted that you have more time to post ;p

  5. well u have to try their pastas the italian chef is great, for me i did like the food but i did not like the place at all i dont like places with sheesha and stuff

  6. Chef Armando said:

    Hi, just read what you say.. I’m The Italian Chef of Le Quatre..
    I don’t think you have an Idea about the difficoult situation to find the Right Ingredients and the professional Staff in Kuwait… I started my Work in Le Quatre restaurant from 40 days only, and the training for Staff take time, specially if you’re European..My new Menu’ will be out in few days , and i promise something Unique..This not an Excuse if you did’t like the Food, it’s about taste.. But please, let Chef Working and Improuve the Food Quality in this Country, without put poison in the professional people and in their Investors… Have a nice day.. And next time call me for any complain ,will be helpfull for Le Quatre Restaurant,to improuve the Quality.. Have a Nice Day..

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