New Month..A New Year!

Time runs so fast that we don’t realize it! We just celebrated the coming of 2008 and now we’re ending it up to welcome a new year full of hidden events we’re totally unaware of. We’re growing older and what we’ve accomplished so far isn’t that satisfying personally. The last couple of years passed by so fast that our plans were altered to cope with the changes. As every year approaches we put a plan to fulfill and abide with, but when the year ends we see that only 50% of it was achieved due to some unexpected changes in our lives. Then we have again to shift everything to the new plan for the new year.

After 3 days I’ll complete my third year in Kuwait…WOW! That was so fast! I accomplished a lot during my three years and also lot of things I wanted to happen didn’t work out well for me. 2008 was full of ups and downs for me…but more ups! On work level,I’m satisfied what I am now and actually I worked hard to get on the right track. Also personal level was good,new people came into my life and some left out. Well we don’t always get what we wish for…there should always be a prick involved…:P

One month left and 2009 will knock our doors with many hidden surprises. Be prepared with your weapons to fight any unexpected obstacle. I guess it will be a tough year. I’m not trying to be pessimistic but as you can see everything is getting harder and the whole world is in a turmoil. But it’s also up to you…YOU CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE PARADISE AND YOU CAN MAKE IT HELL!

Hope you guys fullfilled all your plans for 2008 with success ….

Have a nice day,month and happy 2008 ending!


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