Millions of people die each year from AIDS, a disease which till this date has no cure. This year’s theme is ” RESPECT AND PROTECT” which was inspired by the UNAIDS and World AIDS Campaign ongoing international theme, ‘Leadership’.


Respect & Protect highlights the responsibility everyone has to transform attitudes to HIV and encourage actions that stop its spread.

Respect & Protect inspires individuals to consider the different roles they can play:

  • Show respect by always treating people living with HIV fairly, respecting their confidentiality and challenging prejudice wherever it occurs.
  • Respect themselves and their partners by always practising safe sex to protect their sexual health.
  • Find out the facts about HIV, spread the Respect & Protect message and encourage others to do the same.

We all united can make a difference by helping others and spreading awareness in our societies.

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s journalists, politicians, teachers, scientists and employers. Schools have a vital role to play in getting their students talking about HIV so that they can safeguard their own sexual health and help to break down stigma and discrimination around HIV.

Let’s all unite to make a better world…a safe place to live in! Wear a red ribbon or post a red ribbon on your blog or site,this is the least we can do.


Comments on: "World Aids DAY…Let’s make a difference!" (1)

  1. thanks!i added a red ribbon to my blog!

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