Where are the ARABS??????????

Once again,Israel is abolishing the Palestinians in Gaza in group massacres. This isn’t the first time they do it. And this isn’t the first time we as ARABS stand still or to be more accurate our leaders stand still just watching how the innocent children are being killed without any reason just because they were born on a land that Israel or Jews are trying to claim no matter what it cost. What if the battle moves to any ARAB country would they stand still seeing their people die?? Or human lives have become so cheap that we can kill as many as we can just to fulfill our greed.What’s going on is really frustrating!! It’s inhuman by every religion to kill just for the sake of killing! I don’t want to go into details by blaming any party but from a humanitarian point this is not acceptable and the annoying part is that no one is making a move to stop this massacre. We’re just good at calling leaders for meetings!!

This is a disgrace for ARABS and the world! GOD be with them!


Comments on: "Where are the ARABS??????????" (3)

  1. Acção Directa said:

    The arabs or the politics, the dictators on Cairo ou Riad?

    HAMAS is alone with the people, Hezzbollah and Iran.

    The others? Forget.

  2. It is a disgrace for the world. It seems so many countries (primarily in the West) have a “hands off” policy when it comes to Israeli military aggression in Gaza and other occupied territories. It seems they do as they wish, never mind the loss of life of civilians. Truly horrible.

  3. Leaders ….what leaders?
    Uncle Sam leads they follow

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