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Madonna in Kuwait…


The QUEEN OF POP ” MADONNA” has her store opening in Kuwait tomorrow. I heard this about a month ago and when I went to check on it they were still doing the interior of the shop. It’s in Salmiya Plaza located in the basement floor and it’s only an underwear shop!! I was surprised to know at the beginning but lets wait and see what they have to offer. I don’t expect MADONNA has an idea about this place.


Bride Wars…


One of the movies I saw the past week was bride wars, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. The movie talks about two young girls who attended a wedding in The Plaza ” New York” with their family.  And since that day they were dreaming to have their wedding ceremony in the Plaza. They were close friends who shared everything together since youth. And luckily at the age of 41 both of them got engaged. This made them dream again of marrying in the Plaza. But when it comes to the wedding preparations esp that both of them had to marry on the same day ” June 6 ”  problems started,that was so hilarious. The nice thing was that the movie is only showing in the VIP cinema in avenues. And it was my first time watching a movie in big leather chairs so comfy and with no crowd at all. I’m beginning to like cinemas in kuwait…:P