Madonna in Kuwait…


The QUEEN OF POP ” MADONNA” has her store opening in Kuwait tomorrow. I heard this about a month ago and when I went to check on it they were still doing the interior of the shop. It’s in Salmiya Plaza located in the basement floor and it’s only an underwear shop!! I was surprised to know at the beginning but lets wait and see what they have to offer. I don’t expect MADONNA has an idea about this place.


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  1. Hey
    I want to ask you , does this store open?! do they sell now? Cause a friend of mine in Kuwait and I want him to get me some if they are open, please give me the exact location and the exact name of the shop.

    Thank you.

    • yes its open in the name of madonna located at salmiya plaza hotel

    • Hey adoool,what a nice coincidence,i was checking where is this shop which you asked me about for the underwear and suddenly i found your post here!!Imagine this place is just one building beside my apartment!!! I will check it for you today or tomorrow inshallah.

      • Sorry Saad and Adol whatsoever…first of all this isn’t Adool blog…and secondly if you guys want to conduct a conversation you can do it on ur personal messenger and not here. You asked about the location and I gave it to you…thanks for your understanding!

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