Obama 44th US President…

Barrack Hussein Obama was sworn in today as the 44th US president and 1st Black president ever to rule the US. Tremedous crowds attended the inauguration as well as artists such as Beyonce,Shakira,Stevie Wonder….etc. Well he came to power in a very very critical timing due to the huge economic turmoil that affected all countries mainly the US which is suffering from trillions of dollars in debt. This is what George Bush handed him as a gift. Personally, he will not do anything to revive the economy from paralysis. We’ll wait and see what plans he has to offer to his people and to the world.


Comments on: "Obama 44th US President…" (2)

  1. i bet he has nothing good offer, at least to the world !!

  2. The inauguration ceremony // after-party looked like quite a get-together — i’m sorry i missed it

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