One touch card…

barclay20card20oysterRecently Barclays Bank in UK launched a credit card that works with one touch only. This sounded weird to me at the beginning but upon reading the features of the card I was amazed by the smart idea behind this credit card. A short brief on how it works.

– First of all, select the items you want to buy.

– Then if total amount is less than 10 pounds just look for the one touch wave sign when paying and touch your card against the secure reader and your payment is made instantly.wave_symbol_small



The use of this card is safe and 100 % against fraud protection like a normal credit card. Actually it works as a normal credit card but also has the option of one touch payment. The purpose of launching such a card is to avoid the hassle of paying cash sometimes for smaller pruchases when you actually don’t hold enough cash or you don’t like to hold smaller amounts in your pocket.



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