Well now that the summit is over and everyone has gone back to his country. Let’s see what are the actions expected to be implemented in the near future. I don’t put high hopes on Arab summits because most of them just play on our feelings. Although I heard from press that it was a success and transformation to a higher level of relations between Arab states not to mention the economic part . Saudi Arabia knew how to play  the game well and reinforce its power as one of the leading Arab countries in decision makers. Hope their efforts will not go for granted. Regarding the generous donations by them and Kuwait for the Gaza crisis is very normal. Both countries are well known when it comes to donations. They’ve helped many countries before including Lebanon during the past wars and they are still donating. However, let’s take Kuwait as an example, one of the richest countries in the world still having a bad health and education system. Isn’t this bad?? Why public hospitals should be crap? Why public schools should be a bad place for the young generations to learn? Where is the freedom of speech? What is being done for the talented Kuwaitis? I guess there are many questions without answers.


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