Lush Lush Lush…


It’s all about Lush!! The first time I knew about this shop was during my last visit to the States. We were in Universal Studios when my cousin wanted to buy some soap and do facial treatment. I was amazed when I entered the place. The smell, color and arrangement of the soap was just wow. I wished that we had such a place in Kuwait. But wait, it was recently I knew that there is Lush in Kuwait. So I had to go and see. At the first instance, I recalled what I saw in the States although it’s different than here but having such a shop in Kuwait is really worth it. And since then I’m a normal customer at Lush. My favorites is Sultana soap. This week I got ” Oh la la ” and ” The Godmother ” . You better try them.

Have a nice day everyone!


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  1. i like lush, its fun, buttt i feel their store is a bit messy and some of their stuff smell funky, and i dnt mean the one in kuwait bass, 7ata the one i went to in the US but their stuff is fun

  2. I think there is a Lush at the Landmark Mall in Doha, Qatar.

  3. Hi all. thnx maze for posting this subject. its nice to know that most of you ppl know and like lush 🙂 Have you been yet to our Lush shop in Kuwait? if so, i would like to get more feedback from you guys if you been to Lush shops in different parts of the world, and to share your comments and ideas. also, feel free to join our facebook group ( LUSH KUWAIT ) to get recent updates and new offers.

    Good luck,
    Mohammed Al-Hinnawi
    Managing Partner

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