Last night I stayed till 1:30 am watching May Chidiac talk show ” With all courage ” means in arabic ” be kol jor2a ” . The show was about the Lebanese achievements outside Lebanon highlighting some personalities that made a big difference in their field. It’s something that really makes you feel proud that your country is on the top list wherever you go. I heard names for the first time that have done great achievments in their resident countries. Since ages Lebanese people have migrated to all the continents of the world searching for their goals. Not to mention those who stayed in Lebanon too and also made a difference such as Jubran Khalil Jubran, Fairouz , Sabah, May Ziadeh..and many more. Last night show hosted four well known characters each in their field. Starting with Lina Mroueh, the daughter of the famous journalist Kamel Mroueh. Lina is the owner of Lina’s Sandwich worldwide. She started in France where she resides 20 years ago with a small restaurant. Now she owns a chain of more than 50 restaurants worldwide. She came back to Lebanon last year for good.

Elissa, one of the famous Lebanese singers locally and international. Winning the World Music Awards twice mader her a world star. Not to mention the ads she made for Pepsi, Samsung and other companies. Her fame is growing so fast.

Ricardo Karam, one of the best talk shows presenter , he had the opportunity to host so many world stars and successful people each in their field in his special program. Some personalities he interviewed were Carlos Ghosn, Reem Accra, Omar Al Sharif, Farah Diba, Nicolas Hayek…and many more.

The last guest was Rony Seikaly, famous NBA player who is also Lebanese. Rony started his career in 1993 and became one of the best basketball players in the NBA league. He also has his group of companies.

So many names were highlighted yesterday that I haven’t heard of. You can’t imagine the achievements that were done. Some of the names that caught my attention was Michel Obeid, a researcher in London, who’s considered one of the brillaint minds in the world. He’s within the 1000 greatests minds in the 20th century. His experiments made him discover a medicine that will make a miracle in cancer. Other names were known also such as Carlos Slim, the world’s second billionaire, Rafic Al Hariri, Nicolas Hayek ” Swatch Owner” Jack Nasr ” Ford presiden” , Carlos Ghosn ” Nissan and Renault president “, Octavia Nasr ” CNN reporter ” …Elie Saab ” famous fashion designer ” …Ray Lahoud ” Ministry of Transport in the States ” recently appointed by Obama…Charles Ashi ” Nasa president ” . And many more names.

It’s really amazing how a small country like Lebanon with all what it passed through from wars is still generating creative minds, people that have ambitions. And as what Rony Seikaly said last night , if you have a dream follow it and work hard on achieving your goals. Remember opportunity might come once only.

Sorry for the long post, but this really made me feel super happy to hear about how many fellow citizens we have abroad shining like stars each in their respective field.

I’ll end my post with a saying for Jubran ” Don’t wait for  your country to give you, but work on what you will give your country instead ” 

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  2. Purgatory said:

    You are Lebanese ;p?

  3. How many years old is this post? As much as it is, you forgot Shakira, who’s thought originally Colombian by many people. And also William Hannah & Joseph Barbera, both are Lebanese, they are the creators of Tom & Jerry, The Flinstones, Scooby Doo, & many more.

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