I’m a survivor…

On that day I woke up early to head to work in a very exciting mood. On that day I was born again, a new life was given to me. It was one of the busiest days at work where I had to do presentations to all back office staff regarding a new product campaign. I was so happy because it was my first time doing such work. I didn’t know what was waiting for me on that day! I was at work 7 am sharp, had my coffee with colleagues in the cafeteria and then went up to my office in the 6th floor. I went outside the balcony and had a look at the beautiful sea view in front of St.George area. After I was done with my presentations around 12 noon. I came back to my office and was surprised by the auditors visit which I don’t like . I had to sit with them for 45 mins after they checked all the files. After that I was writing an email to our regional head office in dubai and I was all concentrated not to do any mistake. Suddenly after 10 mins, something big happened!! What I saw was huge that no human mind can imagine to be in! My PC blew up in pieces and I was lying helpless on the ground without knowing what was happening. Then I heard my manager shouting at me ” Go under your desk now!” There was no desk because everything was shattered. Even the cupboards behind me were lying on my back. I was suffocating from the smell of dust and burning stuff outside. I looked around everything was dark. I started to laugh because what I was in was unbelievable. I might sound wierd but I was in a laughing state . Then my head was blocked for a while I couldn’t comprehend what happened. I noticed my left hand was warm and also my head. Now I was in fear because I was bleeding from my hand and head but I was ok. I was able to stand up after crawling out of my office. The whole building was in terror. Everyone in a panic state. My colleagues were shouting at me to go to the hospital but I was ok. I was still awake and aware of everything around me. My first conclusion was that our bank was hit by a terrorist act since we are a british bank. I was worried about my colleagues in the bank if anyone had major injuries. Nothing was working, no electricity,no phones, no elevators, nothing at all we were in complete darkness. I couldn’t find my mobile even nor my wallet. We headed down the exit stairs expecting to see dead colleagues lying around. But thanks GOD nothing happened to anyone. We had around 50 injured people 3 were critical cases but then they were fine after a while. Going down to the bank lobby was like passing through a war scene, everything shattered. I was seeing colleagues on wheel chairs others were taken by the red cross. When we came outside I was feeling the heat that was coming from burning objects something that can’t be described. Temperature was around 60 degrees that day. Fire was all around us. At this point I knew that it wasn’t the bank that was targeted but something else. I reached the hospital at 1:10 pm. It was complete caos there, I was admitted immediately to the ER and came out after an hour when the doctors confirmed to me that I was fine and nothing much to worry about. I remembered my parents now and how worried they would be. Calling them was impossible because all lines were down. I didn’t know what to do. At this time I was running around the hospital looking after our injured colleagues to check on them. Thanks GOD no one was killed. Then I met my cousins who hurried up to the hospital to check on me since they were nearby. I was happy to see some family members around. My main worry was my parents. Yes because I’m their only son and I know what situation they would be in. I waited for an hour nearly no one showed up from my parents. Then I decided to go back home. In the car I was able to talk to my mom from my friend phone. I just can’t think of the phone call. My mother was in a nervous breakdown. She was mourning my death. I couldn’t hold myself from tears, she couldn’t believe that I’m talking to her. Preparations in my home town for my funeral was going to take place because my name was announced on the radio and TVs that I was one of the victims. Coming home was the most emotional part, seeing all my cousins crying and at the same time praising GOD for bringing me back to life. I can’t express how I saw my parents and in what conditions. It was heart breaking.

The day was 14 Feb 2005, assasination of Prime Minister Rafic Al Hariri. On this day I was born again. God gave me a new life to enjoy.

Just remember one thing ” What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger ” Whatever you pass through don’t stop there because life goes on and there’s always GOD besides you.

I know I made you all bored by this post but it’s good to remember what you passed through just to give you a strong motive to continue.

Have a nice day everyone!

Comments on: "I’m a survivor…" (2)

  1. What! I never heard of this! God, I would have laughed as well! Salamat o I hope this never happens again!

  2. SHAIKHA said:

    so powerful!
    When you thought you’d lost someone, I can’ imagine how precious hearing the voice again is!
    I hated that day too.

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