Gulf Bank recently launched its New Dana Campaign that grants 5 weekly winners. On the contrary, last year there was only 3 winners each for a 1 million KD prize. This year, one weekly winner for a 10,000 KD prize and 5 weekly winners for 1000 KD prize. Then a monthly winner for 100,000 KD prize and a yearly winner for 500,000 KD prize.

The minimum amount required to enter the draw is 400 KD. In addition, you will be issued the DANA deposit card in case you want to deposit into your Dana account outside banking hours. I guess this year campaign is much better than the previous ones. So hurry up and open a Dana Account at Gulf Bank.

For more info please call 1 805 805 OR visit the website.


Comments on: "Gulf Bank New Dana Campaign…" (5)

  1. for more information on the new Al Danah please visit and check out the new winners on

  2. Thanks Rasha for the additional info…:)

  3. who one the one before ?

  4. Purgatory said:

    No thanks, do not trust Gulf Bank, even with a charming person like you there ;p

  5. Forza: the recent millionaire was an egyptian guy named mohamad al sayed

    purg:la wallah who says we accept ur money laundry funds…:P

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