I am defying all preconceptions we have of pop artists. That’s how 23-year-old Lady Gaga sees herself.

But how did the Grammy-nominated singer go from brunette Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (her real name) to preconception defying, flashy dressing, platinum blonde superstar Lady Gaga?

Germanotta was born in Yonkers, New York, where she attended a private Catholic girls school, wrote her first piano ballad at age 13, and then won early entrance into New York’s prestigious Tisch school for the performing arts.

But Germanotta needed to strike out on her own to become Lady Gaga. She ditched school and threw herself into New York’s Lower East Side music scene as a naive, convent-educated teenager.

“I went against all I was brought up to be; I moved out of home, wouldn’t take any help from my parents [her internet entrepreneur dad and his business partner wife], and supported myself with waitressing jobs and stripping,” she said. “I discovered a real personal freedom through it.”

It wasn’t long before Germanotta’s talent for writing hook-laden melodies came to the attention of major record labels. Just 20, she wrote hits for the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and New Kids On The Block.

But it was while working with producer Rob Fusari that she got her attention-grabbing stage name. After noting that her singing voice sounded like her hero, Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Fusari named her Lady Gaga for the Queen hit “Radio Ga Ga.”

While her provocative burlesque pop act Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue was a hit in Manhattan’s downtown nightclubs, mainstream showbusiness was nonplussed. When she showed up for auditions with labels and musicals, the usual reaction was utter bewilderment.

“A lot of record labels thought I was too theatrical,” she said. “Then, when I auditioned for stage musicals, the producers said I was too pop.”

Finally, it was rapper Akon who recognised her singing ability and got her a major deal.

And the rest is Gaga history.


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  1. nice post.. thanks for the info!

    m. @ http://umstrum.wordpress.com



  3. ur fine as hell


  5. if she took off her wig and all her makeup she’s really pretty

  6. my mom said Lady Gaga is all Shit .

  7. ` lady Gaga is al shiet hahaha my momma told me

  8. KELSY LOPEZ said:


  9. Gaga is a loser, a waste of skin and time and needs to dissapear. It is shameful how someone so sleazy can actually become successful. I think it speaks volumes about the downfall of this society.

    Put some pants on, accept that you are an ugly person and we can all carry on like you don’t exist. You don’t have a brain in your head, and I find it directly insulting that you call yourself an artist. You are a waste who accidentally fell through the Hollywood cracks.

    Laxx: your mom is right. Anyone with any logic can see that she is all shit. Completely shit. Hollywood fabricated shit.

    • Lady Gaga actually is a GREAT artist…she is different and doesnt do the same shit everyone else does…Shes pretty too….Your just fucking jealous that you arent famous. Stop being bitter. If you don’t like her then thats your opinion but stop talking shit about her because I am sure you couldnt be as creative “maria”. Stupid dumbass.

  10. Ga Ga is HOT, she could have me if she played her cards right.No poker face required.xxxxxxxx

  11. gaga is cool but i think she is too raunchy for the veiwers its not the most comfertable thing to watch with your boyfriend, girls youll know what i mean ha

  12. we lyk some ov ya songs lyk pokerface n paparatzii n jst dance they are all gdgdg BUT WAS LADY GAGA A MAN xxx

  13. SHITTT….YOU LADY GAGA,,,,,,,,,,!!!!

  14. needsum2nite said:

    i’d fuck her no matter how sleazy she was shes definatly what a guy wants id poker face

  15. she is NOT original, i do not like artists who rip off artists blatantly and call themselves “original”.

  16. she is really pretty…her style is cool and I love when they play her songs in da club….alll the haters be quiet cause at the end of the day she’s making money and not caring about the few people who think she is “all shit”

  17. littledev said:

    lady GaGa is amazing, her clothes are weird, but nice, and her hair is sexy(L)

  18. BarryBURBs said:

    I’m 39 and I think she’s “OK”. Pretty hot to look at but music is a bit lame presently. A great performance at Glastonbury but I’d like to see her going more rock, towards Marilyn Manson stylee and maybe even hook up with the man himself!

  19. You seriously need to look at yourself! If that’s who she chooses to be, let her be! You are nowhere near a god, so you have nothing to say about any other human being! You focus on the faults of other people instead of your own. One day, when you’re perfect, then you can say whatever you please about other people… Oh by the way… Lady GaGa rocks!

  20. is lady gaga a man everyboy is saying she is

  21. How do you wake Lady Gaga up in the morning??

    Poke her face!!

  22. No one cares about it

  23. i love lady gaga and her song…..>>>>>>

  24. Lady gaga is the best unlike shitty Hippocrate pop-artist like Miley STUPID Cyrus or Britney “MOMMY” Spears so yeah just accept that you’re just jealous cause her creativity and talents is a HIT!

  25. shes adoroble

  26. THE MACHINE said:

    Lady- did you see ET Tonight (June 9th)? Someone made the comment that your new video is comparable to a comedian’s bad fart joke!! Now, what would you like to do about this? I think that this could be a “windfall” for both of us and s@#t’s going to hit the fan!!! I think it’s time to “dump” on these people!!


  27. she is amazing
    i love gaga’s new song and it’s ALEJANDRO

  28. ..non ho parole………………………………….

  29. Zigity110 said:

    i wonder what lady gaga looks like without makeup and the werid clothes she wears i wanna see what she looks like with some makeup on and no wig and reagure clothes on 🙂

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