Yes or No…

Recently I’ve been seeing many blogs being so commercial rather than a personal website where ads are posted all over the blog, those that flash every 5 seconds. This shows that blogs or bloggers have a big effect on the market and it’s making a huge difference. So marketing any product through a blog will get more results than a newspaper or magazine especially that internet users are increasing dramatically. I got so many offers in the past and I turned them down because I wanted to keep my blog personal. I got many emails before about some company ads on my blog since I’ve been 3 years blogging and people got to know my blog more and more however I turned down all the offers because I wanted my blog to be personal and not a channel to advertise . But to be honest, the idea is still in my mind to host ads on my blog but I didn’t decide yet. What do you think ? Do you prefer keeping your blog personal or making it a commercial tool.

Comments on: "Yes or No…" (3)

  1. Purgatory said:

    and what do you call your GULF BANK posts ;p?

  2. Wherever there’s money involved, I have to admit, I’d have to spend some time thinking about that last question.

    The good thing is, I probably won’t be getting any offers as my blogs will probably ruin them. You know, inappropriate language usage and a terrible sense of humor and all.

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