LITTERATURE-OUFKIRI’m currently reading ” Stolen Lives ” one of the best books I encountered so far. I love reading stories based on true facts not like other books that are fictitious. Stolen lives really keeps you so attached to the story that you can’t stop reading.

Malika reveals her 20 long years of suffering in prison in Morroco with her mother and sisters and two brothers,one of them Abdelatif who was 3 years old when he joined them in jail. Imagine a baby brought up in this world finding himself jailed for 20 years in a cell. I’m not going to go into details I recommend you guys to get this book and read it.


Comments on: "Malika Oufkir…A true survivor" (5)

  1. amazing book when of my fav

  2. I recommend you guys to read also about her father oufkir and about his crimes against a hall nation and how he enjoyed killing peopole… that does not mean that I support what happend to her and her familly, but I think she doeasnt have to feel sorry cauz she had to suffer abit of thousnds of people sufferd from her father

  3. Korrin McPherson said:

    I think its wrong how her and her family had to suffer because of her fathers choices. Its not like she had any say in what he did. So all in all…i think its wrong they put the whole family through all that especially a 3 year old!!!
    It is an incredible story for sure, I couldn’t tear the book from my face!

  4. Tarik I agree with you 100%,
    I don’t have any pity for what happen to the Oufkir family because their father is criminal; he killed so many people in morocco and I am glad he didn’t take over the government otherwise morocco would be another Iraq, at least the King’s kids were very polite and didn’t do what Oufkir Kids did.
    Korrin ,
    I am Moroccan born; I use to live in the capital of morocco Rabat, Malika was not an angel either don’t let her foul you, everyone in Morocco use to fear her, the king’s kids were very good compared to her and her brothers,
    I am sure you know what Saddam and his kids did in Iraq, well, Oufkir and his kids did worse things in Morocco.
    Their crimes were not in the media since the media was controlled by her father.
    They were spoiled and didn’t have any respect for anyone, so they got what they deserved, what goes around comes around like they say.
    I am not just saying this because of what I heard but because I saw Malika at the clubs and how she treaded people like they are were very inferior to her, no respect what so ever.

  5. I read this book actually I found it very interesting and I was so touched by the story , but since I’m not morroccan I was so curious to see malika photos and to know more about her, in my opinion what happened to malika and her family is horrible, no excuse is logical for what happened but I’m just wondering since malkia is Muslim I didn’t feel for awhile that she z Muslim she mentioned how she was spending her time in reading and improving her skills but neverread a verse of quraan

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