Baking tray…

baking-trayI went last night with friends to try the baking tray which was recommended by fellow bloggers ” 4th ring road “. The place is very neat and well organized. I really like places with so much natural interior like wood. The display of the sandwiches is tempting and the greeting of the staff. I tried most of their sandwiches and appetizers. They are really good and healthy. They don’t use any preservatives, food coloring or artificial stuff in their food. They even use sea salt instead of table salt. And their prices are reasonable. I recommend you guys to give this place a try. They are located near Dasman complex, Jaber Al Mubarak street,nearly opposite Saso restolaunge. They will open a new branch in salmiya soon. For more info you can buzz them on 22251544.

P.S : Sorry 4th ring road I took the logo from your site.


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  2. Don’t worry about it 🙂

  3. dont be sorry, its our pleasure

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