Air France crash…

I just received exclusive pictures of Air France plane crash which happened recently. It seems one of the passengers has a digital cam and was taking pictures. The rescue team were able to find the memory stick of the passenger cam with the debris that was retrieved.As you can see in the second pic,one of the passenger is sucked out from the plane.



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  1. Purgatory said:

    not true, fake

  2. This is from \”LOST\” the tv show

  3. lol theyre scenes from LOST

  4. q8expat said:

    fake, tv grab taken from series \”LOST\”

  5. is that from Lost …

  6. It looks sunny in the pictures.. The airframce crash due to storm.

  7. Holy smokes, I hope it is fake.

  8. Dude i think thats LOST or other TV Show/Movie 😛

  9. Cesar M said:

    Sorry, but the pictures are from TV series LOST.

    Please check the link

    Photos of Gol 737 Mid-Air Accident

    Circulating via email, photographs purportedly taken inside the passenger cabin of Gol Airlines Flight #1907 seconds after the Boeing 737’s fatal collison with another aircraft on Sept. 29, 2006.

    Description: Emailed images / Hoax
    Circulating since: November 2006
    Status: False

    Analysis: Hoax. The images above are video captures from the pilot episodes of the ABC television series Lost (note the handcuffs worn by the woman pictured on the left, a character recognizable to viewers of the series as Kate Austen, played by actress Evangeline Lilly). Similar images can be seen in video trailers for the series.

    The Brazilian airliner accident referenced in the email actually happened. Gol Airlines Flight 1907 from Manaus to Brasilia went down in the Amazon jungle after the Boeing 737-800 collided with a smaller private jet on September 29, 2006. None of the 154 passengers and crew survived the estimated 300 mph impact when the aircraft struck the ground. At that speed it’s unlikely that a digital camera loosed in the passenger cabin would have fared any better than its owner.

    Origin of the hoax

    The hoax originated in an October 26, 2006 posting (English translation here) by Brazilian blogger Carlos Cardoso. In a later posting (translation here) he admitted to perpetrating the hoax and maintained that he did it to demonstrate that people don’t read carefully enough or apply enough skepticism to what they find on the Internet. Cardoso went on to predict that the text and images would circulate widely via email and become “the new scandal of the Internet.”

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