Legends never die! They live forever. I’m still shocked by the death because it was unexpected that MJ would die from heart problem. I remember when I was a kid how iconic he was to me. We all grew up on the songs of MJ and Madonna. They both were idols to me. All of us imitated MJ,dance and sang like him. MJ changed the meaning of POP music and it shows thru the record breaking albums. Who doesn’t like thriller,beat it,billie jean,man in the mirror,scream..heal the world…etc.

What is really irritating that after his death people start throwing nasty comments. Why do we always remember the bad things and not praise the guy for the good things he did. I don’t care about his personal life and all the problems he faced. Remember how much he donated for charity programs,helping kids from all around the world.

MJ is a legend that never dies. All the coming generations will always listen to his songs,will always do the moonwalk. MJ is immortal in the hearts of millions. THE KING OF POP WILL REMAIN THE KING OF POP!

At last GOD bless the remaining old generation singers , GOD BLESS MADONNA!



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