Zain Sucks!!

zain-mtc-318x450Zain sucks big time! Recently I’ve had major problems with their EGO service. The internet connection is very slow that sometimes I sleep on the keyboard. This gets on my nerves so much because I’m ripped off for getting a shitty service. Everytime I call them they reply me that their EGO connection is good and they will call me back to confirm with me after reseting my connection. And ofcourse they don’t call you. Only once they buzzed me and directed me to an office in Hawalli to upgrade my EGO device which I didn’t do because it’s not necessary. I think am going to shift to another company since I haven’t seen 1 % of a good customer service from Zain. To all the managers there hope you are reading this and call me so I can bash you  on the phone!

Viva the rest!


Comments on: "Zain Sucks!!" (6)

  1. Welcome to the club 🙂

  2. Purgatory said:

    Why do you think its called Ego ;p

  3. I’m leaving too

  4. I hate zainnnnnnn

  5. readmyblog said:

    laish mo zain? 😛

    I am wearing the lame hat on today, can you tell?

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