A head chef at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi has been fined AED92,000 ($27,000) for storing an out-of-date tub of yoghurt in a kitchen fridge.

Inspectors from Abu Dhabi Municipality found the yoghurt, which the British chef’s lawyers said was one day past its expiry date, during a routine visit about a month ago, according to the National.

The paper said the chef, identified only as PH, has since appealed the verdict, heard on Monday at the Criminal Court of Appeal. It is the second time the defendant has made an appeal.

He was fined AED70,000 for not educating his staff on the emirate’s food expiration laws and AED20,000 for storing expired food. He had to pay a further AED2,000 in municipality fees.

PH told the court: “I am only an employee of the hotel. I should not be the one charged with this. I signed the documents, but I did not understand that I would be the one charged. I am only an employee.”

The judge said the appeal verdict would be given on July 22.


Source : arabian.business.com


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