The Kitchen…

I ordered from ” THE KITCHEN ” today. It’s my second time and actually I was over satisfied with the food. My order was Gnocchi,Potato Rosti and Steak Sandwich. Everything was great and to my expectations. Their service is excellent,they had some delay and called me earlier that the order will be 15 mins late. After 3 hours they called me back to get my feedback about the food. Well I don’t think that restaurants do this service. I got to say thumbs up for CHEF ADLA AL-SHARHAN. I really recommend this place for trial. They’re located in SHAAB AL BAHRI, BLOC 8 , DAHAB STREET,BLDG 47.

Phone : 22639814 / 5



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  1. Hi there,

    Frist of all let me thank you for the exceptional yet frank comments you have posted in your blog. Your comments and suggestion really pays off the hard work and dedication we execute in satisfying all the customers who love home made food.

    Just to remind you:
    * We have introduced a new dessert (The Chocolate Fudge Cake) which is irresistible for chocolate lovers.
    * We even have bought in 2 new flavours for the Gnocchi (White sauce & Tomato Sauce).

    You’re gonna love it ….

    Do keep sharing your views and thoughts about your favourite dish or any suggestion which comes at mind, which will be surely welcomed.

    Its our honor and pleasure to serve you, your family and friends to the best that you can get.

    Thanks again and God bless

    The Kitchen

  2. Well I didn’t do anything am just sharing my views about your restaurant or ” Kitchen ” …it’s just the truth that no one can hide from…you guys have the good and healthy food that reminds me of MOM..:))

    It’s a pleasure for me to get your feedback too on my

  3. on my post.

    Good luck

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