My Mexican Dish…

Well I was bored since morning, so I decided to cook mexican food and as I promised my blogger friend 4th ring road..” the chef guy “…here some pics.

cooking 002Get like two chicken breast and cut them into little strips depending on the nb of people.

cooking 003I used white pepper,chicken seasoning,ginger and oregano. I like using oregano in all food.

cooking 006Add a small tablespoon of corn oil and put the mixture of spices and chicken on heat for like 5 mins

cooking 007Mixture of red kidney beans,green beans,onion,red and yellow bell peppers,corn,corn cubs,tomato.

cooking 008Mix the above with the chicken I did earlier and put them for like 10 mins on the stove.

cooking 009And her you go…:)

Ingredients :

– 200 grs of chicken breast

– red kidney beans and green beans

– onion (one piece)

– red and yellow bell pepper ( 2 pieces)

– corn (one can)

– corn cubs (one can)

– tomato (one piece)

First you clean the chicken breast,then cut them into strips. Add some chicken seasoning,oregano and ginger to give them a tast. You heat the frying pan and add a teaspoon of corn oil. You cook the chicken for like 5 mins just to change color.

On the other side, you boil the beans for a while make sure not to over boil them. Then you add the other ingredients,tomato cut it into small dices,same for the bell pepper and onion. You also add the corn to the whole mixture. Heat the ingredients for like 5 mins with a sprinkle of salt on it. Then you add them all together with the chicken for like 10 mins.

Get then two cups of Uncle Bens rice and add to it a cup of water,let it boil for around 10 mins then add some corn to the rice if u like.

And here you go…Bonne Appetit


Comments on: "My Mexican Dish…" (6)

  1. Purgatory said:

    hmm, you never cooked for us!!

  2. Bel 3afiay … it seems heavy meal 🙂

    I started cooking while studying abroad where I felt in love ever since!

  3. Well… it certainly looks good, but….. does it taste as good too?

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