Carlos Slim listed the 2nd richest man in the world as per FORBES last year is originally born from a Lebanese father and mother. He is the media tycoon of Mexico. Here’s a brief biography of Carlos Slim.

-Carlos Slim: Born on Jan 28,1940 from a Lebanese father and mother, who immigrated to Mexico at the age of 11.

-Degree : MS Engineering from Mexico

-Occupation : Chairman and CEO of TelMex,TelCel and America Movil

-Married to Soumaya Doumit and they have six children.

– Currently ranked the 3rd richest person in the world with estimated fortune of 35 billion dollars.

– Carlos was vice president of Mexican Stock Exchange and president of Mexican Association of brokerage houses ,also he was the president of the Latin American committee in New York Stock Exchange.

– He was board of director in Philip Morris and Alcatel in 1996.

– Carlos is the Telecom tycoon in Mexico,his company Telmex operates more than 90% of the lines. Also Telcel operates 80% of the cell phones in Mexico. His acquisition of America Movil expanded his market share in most Latin American countries with more than 100 million subscribers.

– Carlos then went into the media business, in 2008 he managed to bail out New York times by granting them a 250 million dollars loan which made things easier on the company that was facing financial problems. He is the largest shareholder now of NY times with a share of 6.4 %.

– He also leads one of the biggest companies in Mexico that is concerned with the infrastructure development. IDEAL is mainly active in transportation,crude oil and gas,power,water,real estate and technology.

– Carlos wealth compromises around 2 % of Mexico annual economic output.


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