Sock Summit…WTF

socksWell as the title says ” SOCKS SUMMIT ” yes there is a socks summit going on in Oregon from Aug 6-9. I really cracked up when reading the site. It’s so funny when the whole world is in turmoil from the financial crises and people are making summits on socks. I think it’s an escape from the whole situation that’s going on and to cheer people a bit. They even register you in classes where you can learn how to knit your own socks . If anyone interested to attend the sock summit just visit their site here.


Comments on: "Sock Summit…WTF" (1)

  1. delaney55 said:

    The Sock Summit is the mecca for knitters obsessed with knitting socks. I just started knitting and I have been bit by the sock bug. Not quite good enough knitter yet but I have crocheted some socks and they are more comfortable than any store bought sock around.

    Escapism? Sure, but so are avid readers, movie goers, XBox junkies, etc. We all need a form of escapism and sock knitting (or crocheting) is productive in the end.

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