There’s one legend still living,still giving us the power to believe that age doesn’t matter. She inspires us with her songs,every album has it’s special effects on us. She’s the QUEEN OF POP ….MADONNA. MADONNA now at the age of 51 can’t be better than that. She still rocks every stage,every appearance she makes gives us more reasons to love her more. No matter what she believes in, YES MADGE YOU ARE CRAZY YOU ARE PHENOMENAL ,YOU ARE WILD, YOU ARE CONTROVERSIAL….WHAT EVER YOU ARE WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. YOU made history in POP MUSIC…GENERATIONS WILL COME and still remember your songs ..LIKE A PRAYER, LIKE A VIRGIN, HOLIDAY, CHERISH , LIVE TO TELL, TIME STOOD STILL,….much more the list goes on.

I remember my first cassette for you was at the age of NINE…YES MADGE I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO YOU for 24 YEARS now! AND I WILL ALWAYS DO!


Here below brief history of THE QUEEN:

– MADONNA LOUISE CICCONE Born on Aug 16,1958 in Michigan from Italian parents.

– Been in the music world since 1979 active.

– Her start was in NY at the age of 19 with 35 dollars in her pocket.

– She started her career singing in NYC clubs. Then she formed in 1980 a band called EMMY.

– She then signed a singles deal with SIRES record,her first single ” EVERYBODY ” was released in 1982.

– Since then MADGE was experiencing more success , more awards…till she became the best selling artist in history with 63 million certified albums. She sold more than 200 million albums worldwide.

On this special day as one of your fans I wish you many years of prosperity to come.


I’ll leave you with one of my favorite hits …enjoy!


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