3 D Lounge…



Last night I went with friends to a new chillout place called 3 D lounge . The place is just wow, i loved it coz there isn’t anyone there, just so calm and salem mubarak street appears to you. The music is great, they had concerts showing on their plasmas. The most important thing that this place made feel homesick coz it reminded me of the pubs in lebanon. Well I recommend you guys to try the place and give me your feedback. 3 D lounge is located in Omnia center which I’ve always thought is dead but they got some interesting stuff there.

Take care everyone and enjoy your saturday !


Comments on: "3 D Lounge…" (3)

  1. brownsuger said:

    where…i couldn’t find it 😦

    • heey…how r u? well it’s in omniya center in salmiyah where ibis hotel is…upper floor at the end ..there’s a restaurant called stone grill right next to it…go there and gimme ur feedback..i’ll be there tomorrow..:D

  2. Heey Maze…sounds cool! looks cool! will defiantly check it out..if i find it :p etha thi3t u’ll be hearing from me! hehe

    i just came across ur blog…sounds cool! looks cool! 😀
    keep it up

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