Kuwait Airways nightmare!

Since I’ve been in Kuwait I’ve traveled like 3 times on Kuwait airways and it was good to an extent but my last trip was something different at all. I came back from my vacation 2 days ago. The trip was so smooth however upon landing and going to the tunnel waiting to depart the plane suddenly there were no signs that the plane doors will open. We waited for nearly an hour just sitting in the plane before they told us that we were directed to the wrong gate and they will pull the plane to another location. Well we finally came out of the plane and then departed via buses to the arrival section to claim our luggages which was the tragic part too. We had to wait for more than an hour for our luggages since they didn’t send the carts to pick up the luggages only after a while we left the plane. So I arrived Kuwait at 9:30pm and left the airport around 12:30 am. Cool stuff not so??

It will be my last trip with Kuwait Airways!


Comments on: "Kuwait Airways nightmare!" (6)

  1. It looks more like a problem with the airport not the airline. If they were directed to the wrong gate thats the control towers mistake.

  2. Well ur right Mark but overall I prefer traveling with other airlines but since it’s new years I had to take available airline.

  3. Purgatory said:

    Its the airport problem not the airways but guess you just wanted to blame kuwait airways for anything.

    • inta eskot bes…when u fly kuwait airways in the first place then it’s ur right to talk coz ur a loyal customer to BA not so?? :p

  4. Welcome to KA….where anything ‘bad’ is possible 😛

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