James Cameron won the best director for his film ” AVATAR ” at the Golden Globe Awards which were held today. Avatar so far is the best movie earning top revenues in box offices in North America.

Here are the weekend’s top-grossing pictures in North American theaters, as reported by Box Office Mojo.com:

1. Avatar, $41.3 million; $491.8 million, fifth week
2. The Book of Eli, $31.6 million, first weekend
3. The Lovely Bones, $17.1 million; $17.5 million, sixth weekend
4. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, $11.5 million; $192.6 million, fourth week
5. Sherlock Holmes, $9.8 million; $180 million, fourth weekend
6. The Spy Next Door, $9.7 million, first weekend
7. It’s Complicated, $7.7 million; $88.2 million, fourth weekend
8. Leap Year, $5.8 million; $17.5 million, second weekend
9. The Blind Side, $5.6 million; $226.8 million, ninth weekend
10. Up in the Air, $5.5 million; $62.8 million, seventh weekend

Source : Time.com


Comments on: "James Cameron – Best Director" (2)

  1. wow..its doing superub like!!

  2. amazing movie!

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