Sad day for Lebanon…

I woke up today to hear the sad news of the plane crash that lead to the death of all the passengers after taking off from Beirut airport. Between the passengers there were 54 lebanese citizens. I was shocked to hear this. God rest their souls in peace and give their parents the patience and will to continue on because it’s very difficult to lose your beloved ones.

The pictures are enough to express the sadness that overwhelmed the country today. God bless Lebanon Amen.


Comments on: "Sad day for Lebanon…" (3)

  1. cookie monster said:

    are you only saddened by the 54 lebanese citizens who died? and why the shock?
    Allah yer7am everyone on the plane…not just the lebanese ones

  2. well actually no..but it’s the first time a plane crash happens with that amount of lebanese citizens :s

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