Haiti = Lebanon ???

I’ve been recently following geologists analysis regarding Lebanon’s geography and the possibility of a major earthquake hitting Lebanon. Too many discussions is going on lately and if the country is prepared for such a catastrophe.

There are a lot of similarities between Lebanon and Haiti in that sense:
– Both countries lie over a web of seismis fault lines
– In both cases the faults have been dormant for ages
– Both capitals have a dense population
– Both countries are coastal (risk of a tsunami)
– Both countries suffer from a very weak infrastructure and poor planning
– MOST buildings in both countries are not close to being to code
– Both countries have hillsides and construction along hills (risk of slides).
– Scientists have been warning of a possible major earthquake in both countries.

So while it is close to impossible (pratcically and financially) to rebuild Lebanon to become up to international standards for countries falling on seismic faults, the country should be AT LEAST ready for a disaster of that magnitude. Supplies, emergency hospitals, choppers, general preparedness guidance (school drills, notices next to elevators in each building, etc.).

Many people don’t worry much about it, just because it hasn’t happened in a long time. But that was the case in Haiti… but once it happens, it becomes a disaster, and it becomes too late to look back and regret.
We should pressure our MP’s, mayors (now that we have elections coming up), and the government to do something about it. Forget about the secular tensions, the political axes, etc. once a disaster happens, there won’t be a place to pray and we won’t notice our different colors as we will all be covered with the same blood and dust!

Let’s do something about it, before it’s too late.


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