What a morning!

I woke up this morning hearing the terrified voice of mom. I was confused and not aware of what’s going on. The whole view from my window pane was red and for an instance I thought the world has come to an end and I should run away. This is my first time seeing such a weather during my four years here. Then the idea of the Iceland volcano came to my mind that we might getting the effects of the ash clouds today. My friends started BBMing me all of them are afraid and some went to work early morning and got stuck there. It was a state of confusion.

It seems all is cleared now but according to the forecast the weather will stay unstable with probable thunderstorms later in the evening.

God’s power is amazing…Al 7amdallah 3ala kel shee .


Comments on: "What a morning!" (2)

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL 😛 hehe i woke up and was like ohhh…then slept again 😛 the wind was so LOUD!!! 😀

  2. welcome to kuwait

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