No for Discrimination!

I heard the weirdest thing from my customer this week which was shocking for me. Well, my customer wanted to open an account in one of the Islamic Banks in Kuwait since he gets so many checks from them just to encash the checks quickly. He approached their head office to open the account and they gave him the biggest shock ever. ” Sir we can’t open the account because you are not Muslim precisely Christian “. He felt so degraded knowing that any other bank would take him like peanuts since he has a good credit history and his business is booming.

My point here is that this Islamic bank who is implementing the Islamic procedures in banking refuses to open an account for a Christian fellow whereas you have Christians employees in your back offices. Give me a break Jeez! I haven’t seen such discrimination before! As a bank, you implement the Islamic way of banking but you don’t impose that all your customers must be Muslims. Oh I remember too, on the other hand this bank in particular has shares in casinos and entertainment resorts in Europe. How can this be???

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