Love,Lies and Deception…

We always dream of having someone in our life,someone to love and care for, someone to open our heart to, a shoulder to cry on. It’s a natural desire in every human being. Some people succeed in their mission while others fail. Some people are always trying and still luck isn’t on their side. Maybe they still need time or the good people haven’t found them yet. Being in love is something great however when you get the same amount of love in return. Love has no limits or boundaries when you really love someone. Recently what I’ve seen that people are becoming heartless , they can easily step on your heart and move on as if we are concrete. I don’t know why the world has become so harsh. I’m even talking here about friendships where you see good friends that last forever and those who want you for an interest. If you want to have your friend forever you have to face him/her with their mistakes even if the truth hurts because a true friend will accept any criticism and will work on it to preserve the friendship. However losing a friend doesn’t hurt as losing a lover who you’ve gave all your heart to and sacrificed a lot to keep the love alive. We live in a world with monsters who just love themselves only and can destroy everything around them just for their interest.

Learn to love yourself and make your life happy. There’s nothing better than loving yourself and being satisfied with what you are. Just be yourself and be honest with your feelings and see how life will treat you back.

Lovers come and go but if you lose yourself than you’re done.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” – James Dean


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  1. I completely agree with the last two paragraphs. I have to learn to love myself and be satisfied with my life before I can find that special someone.

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