Maze diary…

Well to be honest, I lost interest in blogging for the past months due to extreme stress at work and so much pending stuff to finish. But this didn’t refrain me from getting back because my blog is approaching it’s 5th year. And through blogging I met some amazing people that I’m proud to have in my life.

I was away for a short vacation to Lebanon which was mainly family trip. I was hesitant to go but then there was no choice since parents missed me. Lebanon with all its political problems the country is still pumping with lots of fun and activities. People there really don’t care a damn where their leaders are taking them to. I just adore the determination my fellow citizens have there. They live their day as if it’s the last day ! Well chapeau bas for them!

The highlight of my trip was the engagement of my uncle and my first cousin. I was so happy to see some cousins I haven’t seen in a long while. It’s been a long time I didn’t attend any family occasions. Then I went roaming in downtown Beirut which is my favorite and ofcourse chilling in my fav place called ” DE PRAGUE ” in Hamra. Guys if you go  to beirut it’s a must you visit De Prague,it’s the most chilled place that I love.

Have a nice chilled saturday everyone!

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