24 Resolutions for 2011…

 is none of your business
1. Do listen to your spouse
2. Do make a will (Remember the plane crash)
3. Teach your children to handle money responsibly
4. Don’t have credit cards, debit cards are just as safe
5. Don’t lend money to relatives or friends, it damages relationships, and more hurtful than fruitful
6. Don’t co-sign a loan, it’s like borrowing it yourself
7. Leave everything you touch better than you found it
8. Be the most positive person in every room
9. Wear your heart on your sleeve, when people see you’re real, they’ll fall in love with you
10. Be authentic versus plastic
11. You can use the word “I”.. Eventually you’re the only person who can use it
12. Be bold with business issues and soft with your loved ones
13. Own beautiful things but don’t let them own you
14. Plan if you’ll live forever but live as you’ll die tomorrow
15. When posing for a photo, assume that the only people who are going to see it is your boss or parents, or even the admission dean
16. Life is too short not to order fries
17. Never date a man who’s impolite to waiters
18. If you love someone, say it
19. Learn to cook one thing really well
20. You don’t have to win every argument, agree to disagree
21. It’s ok to let your children see you cry
22. Use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie, eat with the expensive plates, don’t save them for a special occasion.. It may never come 
23. Know that what others think of you is none of your business
24. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson

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