Janet Number Ones…

It’s been a while our great Diva Miss Janet Jackson hasn’t toured yet. I guess her last time was in 2008. Now the artist had decided to plan a massive tour in 2011 and she named it ” Number Ones”  upclose and personal tour. She will be performing 35 number one hits in 35 cities and to help her choose the cities she did a voting poll where you can submit your preferred city and upon the maximum  number of votes for a specific city then she will include it in her tour. So far four cities have been included in the upcoming tour which are HongKong, Taipei, Singapore and Manila. Tickets will be on sale on Jan 10,2011.

Janet has expressed her excitement for the upcoming performance in Manila by stating,

“I have always loved the Philippines. As a child I’ve felt a connection and passion, for the diversity and uniqueness, of the culture, the passion and the people. I want to bring my moves, my music and, my love to Manila on Feb 4.”

Now guys if you want Dubai to be listed in the tour you better hurry up and choose Dubai as your preferred city. All you have to do is go to Janet’s site and submit your details.

We need her in the Middle East!

Janet’s site


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