Tankei Maruyama “Soul of modern Japanese Calligraphy” is the solo show presenting the work of Ms.Tankei Maruyama and is the first major contemporary Japanese calligraphy exhibition in Kuwait which will be held on the occassion of the 50th anniversary of Kuwait-Japan diplomatic relations.

Since 1989, Ms.Tankei has exhibited her works in Japan,HongKong,Frankfurt,Paris,New York and Dubai. And now she is coming to Kuwait which is an opportunity to explore the work of this artist that believes each individual has an inner power to search for the self,universal value and beauty. This belief inspires her creativity.

Opening: Wed.19,Jan 2011 @ 7pm

Venue: Al Fanar Mall Art Gallery (1st floor).

The exhibition will continue till Jan 31st in the same place from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 8pm except Fridays.

For more info you can call on 25720289 / 25720298


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  1. ……Japanese art works of art created in the islands that make up the nation of Japan.Early WorksThe earliest art of Japan probably dating from the 3d and 2d millennia B.C. consisted of monochrome pottery with cord-impressed designs Jomon also the name for the early period of Japanese art. The Kofun period produced simply modeled clay figures of animals people houses and boats known as haniwa which were placed around tomb mounds.Buddhist and Chinese InfluencesThe stylistic tradition of Japanese art was firmly established at the time of the introduction of Buddhism in the 6th cent.

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